Sometimes you don't have a clue 'bout what's happening at the other end of your call...
Sometimes you don’t have a clue about what’s happening at the other end of your call…

The party stretched late into the night and Tigy got drunk till his neck.

28 year old Tigy Mathews was the Junior Production Engineer at Mercedes Benz manufacturing unit, Pune. He was an MTech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Madras and 6 months into his job, he had already caught the attention of the senior management from Germany. It was almost certain that Tigy would be shipped to Germany soon!!! That was big news for him and his family. Even though this was the case Tigy was a typical Thiruvalla achayan (a Christian man from place called Thiruvalla in Kerala).

He was innocent yet ambitious.

The company had chosen Radison International, a seven star resort in Mahabalipuram-Chennai, as the venue for the annual sales meet. Tigy and a few other recruits were given special invitations so that they gain some insight in to the demands and dynamics of sales in their company. And after the highly professional and serious sales meet, they had a blast. Whiskey, music and laughter flowed through the open air lawn of the resort that night. The waves of Bay of Bengal grooved with them nearby. Tigy lost track of time as he partied along with his friends and latter on got hooked up with a blond Sales Manager from Berlin. Her name was Judith Ann and earlier that day she had given a terrific presentation on how to boost sales in South Asia. Like her presentation, she too was mind blowing, beautiful, a finger taller than Tigy and an excellent dancer.

They drank, danced, talked and did the same all over again…and again and again. Tigy did not know when or how he reached his suit in the resort or who got him there. His heart was filled with the gorgeous sexy smile of Judith and he dreamed of making love to her in his suit…the fragrance of her perfume getting jumbled up with his sweat and her erotic moans enthralled him.

As Tigy lay dazed in his luxury suite with waves singing lullaby for him; he felt like he was swinging between realities and dreams. That’s when his iPhone rang. Initially he thought it was just a hallucination and ignored it. Then it started ringing all over again.

“What is it that I’m hearing…Is it my phone? No…No..Then who is calling me at this time of the night?” Tigy kept thinking as laziness started engulfing him like a fast growing termite hill.

Then his mistake hit him hard like a comet hitting the surface of earth.

“Holly shit… Reenu…”

Reenu Varghese was his ever innocent, possessive and complaining fiancée.

Though he wanted to marry a rich and fashionable modern girl, his parents compelled him to settle for an orthodox yet educated and beautiful Reenu. Reenu was really good looking with milk white skin and enchanting big, black eyes. But Tigy always felt she lacked the modern charm he found attractive in girls these days. As a boy who studied in top notch institutes, he felt it quite unbecoming to settle down for a small-town cow like Reenu. He had slept with many beautiful women since he knew how to charm them. Now beauty did not matter to him much, but class did. He was way to mature to fall for beauty and money anymore and at the same time it came to him as a paradox that he was totally helpless in Reenu’s matter.  But there was nothing more to be done. He was engaged and her family was rich. Destiny was destiny… that’s what his old grandma used to say L

Reenu had just cracked the SBI Probationary Officer Exam and was posted as the asst. manager in the Cochin branch of the bank. Even though this was the case, Reenu always sounded very religious and pious…this somehow seemed to put-off Tigy.  And that was the reason why Tigy drank, danced and flirted with the German beauty…since two months from then he would be married to the ever boring Reenu.

His hands stumbled around for the phone with little luck and he sat upright in his bed. It was completely dark. Other than the soft hiss of AC and a distant quarrel between the waves and rocks, it was dead silent. Instinctively he searched for his iPhone in the dark. That’s when the phone started ringing again and the bright glow of its screen helped Tigy locating the iPhone. He blinked at the screen in dismay and as expected it was Reenu’s gorgeous face smiling at him to pick the call. He attended it:

“Hello…” Tigy spoke in a clumsy voice.

“Hello Tigychaya… you completely forgot me…” there was disappointment in Reenu’s voice.

“I…I’m sorry… the party went too long…Reenu…” Tigy blurted and immediately regretted uttering those words. The usual excuse he gave was that he had a very important meeting.

WHAT? Partyyyy…why you didn’t tell me Tigychaya…and you did not even ask me about our office Onam Celebration and lunch…Our GM Sasikumar sir had come and he appreciated me for my work…I Whatsapped you that the GM complimented me but you did not even respond…you have completely forgotten me…please tell me if I’m not caring for you… You are my everything…and did you drink?? Ohh goddddddddd……” Reenu went on and on and Tigy did not know what to say. He felt as if his head would burst and his left brain would fly right and right brain will run left.

“Reenu…I’m sorry…it was a surprise party after rounds of hectic meetings. Please try to understand yar…”

“You could have told me ichaya…” she again started complaining…

Tigy wondered how a girl can be so loving, so possessive and compulsive all at the same time.

“Mannn…she got balls…” and it was not the first time he thought of Reenu  in those lines.

Anger started bubbling inside Tigy… that’s when Reenu suddenly winced as if in terrible pain…

“Ouchhhhh….” She shouted and Tigy became very cautious all of a sudden…

“Why what happened…” he asked her

“Something bit my legs…I guess there are ants here in balcony…” she spoke innocently.

“What the hell are you doing at this time in the balcony?” Tigy checked the watch and it was close to 3 in the morning

“Tigychaya… there is a full moon today… and I could not sleep without talking to you… I’m enjoying it standing in the balcony of my flat…can’t you see the full moon?” Reenu’s words touched him. He heard her sigh as she walked end to end in the balcony of the flat she and her friends had rented. The howling wind was hitting the mouthpiece along with Reenu’s heavy breathing.

“Hmmm… lemme see…” as Tigy got out from the blanket, he was shocked to realize that he was completely naked. Ashamed, he went back into the sheets and cut the call.

“What the fuck has happened to me??” He thought as he switched on the table lamp. By the far end of that big bed, he saw the face of Judith in all its beauty and charm. She was sleeping peacefully and Tigy’s heart exploded when he saw that she was not wearing anything on top of her. Her hands covered her supple mounts and the blanket covered the rest of her. He lifted the blanket and peeped inside only to find that she was not wearing anything below as well.

“So it was not at all a dream…” Tigy shuddered in shame and regret…at the same time he felt some kind of exhilarating triumph spreading through his body as well. It was his first time with a foreign woman. If Adolf Hitler’s words were to be taken true…the perfect Aryan Woman.

That’s when the phone started ringing again:

“Why did you cut the call Tigychaya?” Reenu asked in an irritated voice.

“Nothing dear…” Tigy replied.

But he was surprised to find a new kind of affection in his words towards Reenu. She always spoke to him lovingly…but Tigy never gave it back. He wondered whether sleeping with Judith had anything to do with his transformation.

He got out of his bed and went to the window. He parted the curtains and looked at the full moon glowing down over the black, restless sea. Judith sighed in the bed and turned around displaying her bare, curvaceous back.

But Reenu was talking non-stop:

“Tigychaya…I went to the nearby church today and prayed for you…prayed for us…Also I have promised a swarna kurish (golden cross) to Velankanni Mathav if your papers get readied soon for Germany…” and she went on.

Her sincere words were like iron nails. Tigy regretted his actions now and her words seemed to pierce deep into his heart like those nails.

Finally she asked Tigy:

“Will you take me to Velankanni before we fly off to Germany Tigychaya?”

“Sure dear…I will…”

“Ok Ichaya…sleep well…will call tomorrow…” Reenu bid good bye over the call.

She never asked for a kiss…since Tigy never felt like luring her romantically towards him. He wanted to kiss her for the first time…for reasons unknown. But he just said:

“Good night Reenu….” And cut the call.

Then Tigy went back to his bed. As he silently tried to crawl between the sheets, Judith opened her sleepy eyes. There was lot of passion still lingering in them. She smiled at Tigy and opened her arms exposing her beautiful bosoms. They longingly invited Tigy for a sensuous kiss and a strong caress. Tigy hesitated for a moment, but then with a deep regret still burning raw in his chest, he hugged Judith. Then he rolled on top of her and kissed her moist lips. In no time, their tongues met in passionate tangles and then Tigy pressed his body against hers…to enjoy her for one last time before sunrise.

“There are some things men can’t help…” that was the final thought Tigy had before he plunged deep into the eternal pleasures of Judith’s body.

Meanwhile, Reenu switched off her phone. She was lying in her bed and was not walking as she had told Tigy. Neither was she standing in her balcony. The howling sound of wind gushing from the ceiling fan seemed to pin her don on the bed.

It was only a make belief…a kind of acting done to make Tigy believe she cared, loved and longed for him. She had been to no Church. And Reenu understood that Tigy was not really interested in her.

Reenu loved simple things in life. A simple home, simple job and a simple husband. She needed someone to take her on a ride in his bike around Thiruvalla town and someone to walk with her to the church holding her hands. She dreamed of a husband who would accompany her to Chilanka Theatre when a Mohan Lal movie got released and who would buy her dinner from Chako Chettan’s thattu kada (food from small roadside vendor). Somehow she found her life strangled and buckled up after her engagement with Tigy.

Her fiancée never really cared about her and seldom did he appreciate her achievements. It was really painful for her to think about leaving the job she had earned after working so hard and flying off to a strange land with a stranger. There was no use of telling parents since they wanted prestige whereas she craved for love and meaningful existence. Both these ideologies confronted each others poles apart.

Life was simple and she loved it that way. But her parents forced her into engagement this guy seeing the prospects of flying abroad. But Reenu knew her game. She was an expert in making people believe that she was innocent and did not know anything. In fact Reenu understood everything. And she had no regrets with life. Before she got married, this was the only time she got to live her life in her own terms. This was her only chance to live her life to its full.

She threw the phone Tigy had gifted during their engagement to the floor of that cheap hotel room. And again she winced in pain…but a much sweeter one than before. She moaned in ecstatic pleasure as she spoke

“Enough kissing me there…now come inside…”

Then with both her hands she pulled up the GM of her Bank, Mr. Sasikumar , whose head was buried deep between her thighs. Like a starved bull, he came on top of her and swiftly entered her.

Reenu shut her eyes in pleasure…a pleasure with no regrets!!!

                                                                  *** THE END***

Thank you Riyaz for suggesting the name “The Late Night Call” leading to a rare instance where the title inspires the story and not the other way around.

The Author of this blog is Srinath Krishnamoorthy who like millions out there is trying to figure out what needs to be done with life. After bidding good bye to an eventful software career that spanned just 3 small years, he right now breaking his head working on his MTech thesis. It also comes as a surprise that in his lunatic quest for
The Author of this blog is Srinath Krishnamoorthy who like millions out there is trying to figure out what needs to be done with life. After bidding good bye to an eventful software career that spanned just 3 small years, he right now breaking his head working on his MTech thesis. It also comes as a surprise that in his lunatic quest for “figuring out life” he ended up writing a novel “Hope We Never Meet Again” which will be coming out soon…how soon only god knows!!!



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