Many a times we find ourselves in the middle of a heated argument with our spouse, fiancée, girl friend or partner. Kept within limits, a light squabble is fine sometimes.It adds a lot of juice to your relationship. Later on you can have a hearty laugh at the trivial things you fought for. It also brings to light the likes and dislikes of your partner. But most of the times, we really do not know how the argument kicked off and almost always, we have no clue as to how it would end up.

The darker side to having arguments is that both the individuals try to prove they are right. I mean.. how many times we have shouted at our partner saying:

“I’m right…and you are absolutely wrong…piss off…”

And the reply we get may be even more distasteful.

If we think with our cool minds…at some latter stage with a good grip on our senses, we realise that there are no winners in an argument. Well, a break up or a divorce is nothing but a by product of prolonged sessions of unhealthy arguments. A race to prove who is right and a race that no one has won till date.


But relationships are neither court rooms and individuals are neither advocates nor judges.

So what is the alternative to arguments? We need to set the record straight somehow…isn’t it?

I have read somewhere:

“Argument is to find out WHO is right and discussion is to find out WHAT is right”

That pretty much nails it.

We see so many relationships fail because the people involved are reluctant to understand or even hear what the other person is saying. We fail miserably to open gates to a healthy discussion that can solve a lot of issues between individuals. Diplomacy is not something that should be viewed as political…it makes a lot of sense to be diplomatic in relationships as well. Scaling down the principle of diplomacy from a national level to an individual premise makes sense all too well.

On a personal front and from a professional stand point, we need to have an open minded approach towards discussions that do not culminate into heated arguments. Arguments serves no purpose except for winning a case in a court of law.

In this fast moving world…where stress has become a way of life, we may loose our temper, ditch our cool and recklessly try to prove that we are right and the people standing on the opposite ends of our views are wrong. We may even shout to the very threshold of our vocal chords to cement our arguments…but as Steve Maraboli says-

“The volume of your voice does not increase the validity of your argument”

Discussions are healthy. When you sit down and exchange thoughts in a nonchalant manner, solutions turn up. But, if you persist with arguments, the only thing that pops up is more trouble.

There are no winners to arguments in a relationship. Because, either both the individuals end up winners and sail ahead. Or they can throw as much dirt as they like on each other and end up being sinking losers. The choice is left to the individual.

You sail or sink together in a relation. That is why being together is called “being in a relationSHIP.


The Author of this blog is Srinath Krishnamoorthy who like millions out there is trying to figure out what needs to be done with life. After a brief stint as a software test engineer in Tech Mahindra, he is right now pursuing an MTech in Computer Science & Engineering in MA College of Engineering, Kothamangalam. His début novel Hope We Never Meet Againis getting ready to be released this year.

Author’s click by Dr. Vivek Vaidyanathan



Come out of the shades...for they are just shadows. -SRINATH KRISHNAMOORTHY
Come out of the shades…for they are just shadows.

The idea that I’m putting forward in this blog may seem absurd or even insanely mundane. Nevertheless, I was desperate to write about this for a long time.

I draw emotional cues from events, incidents or people before I start writing something. The spark came and completely set me ablaze during a drive from Kadambazhipuram to Palakkad. I can only wonder as to how one pair of human eyes and a single frame of vision can recreate some thing that spans continents, galaxies and most important of all…billions of hearts. Some things we see are so powerful that it can move us…forever. And for me the spark was nothing but a Banyan Tree.

Banyan Tree

That day and that drive changed things forever.

I stopped my car. Got out and walked towards the temple and sat down under the tree. It was always my wish to stop by a serene Kavu (temple) on a random summer afternoon. Sit over the concrete embankment, under centuries old Banyan tree and enjoy moments of utter isolation.  Solitude.

There was not a soul in the vicinity  and the only sound that seemed to exist was the leaves rustling and dancing in the fierce summer breeze.  The mud was red and the sky was blue. Cloudless.

I strangely got this overwhelming feeling of being submerged in the moment called “LIFE”.  I decided to lie down all the same. It always felt so nice to lie down under a banyan tree and gaze at thousands of restless leaves, merrily dancing and swaying above.

I wondered how powerful the creator is?

Those thousand beautiful leaves were amazingly similar yet surprisingly unique. I closed my eyes and my imagination extrapolated that fact over to a forest.

“Even a large forest with millions of trees could never manage to have two leaves exactly identical. Every creation is so unique.”

Being human is all about looking at things in a different way.

Under the cool shade of that Banyan tree I felt like dozing off for eternity. How wonderful it would be to slip into an everlasting slumber under that sweet shade? At that precise moment, the best option in the world seemed to be cuddling under that shade forever.

Is that shade a luxury in reality or a dark shadow in disguise? I started having some serious questions in my mind. I became restless as this question popped up in my mind.

“Why do we strive to live and die like any other person when we are all born unique?”

The following are the discussions that I had with myself.

What we idolize and imitate makes all the difference.

In short, what we perceive as shades are nothing but mere shadows.

The constant chase for assumed safe zones (SHADES) and the wrong perception of socially acceptable definition of success makes us just one among billions… and not ONE IN A BILLION.

An old story that I read during my school days floated down my memory like a feather.

Two young spectacle makers from Netherlands ( Hans Lippershey and Zacharias Janssen) in early 1600s arranged two convex lenses in two adjustable cylindrical moulds. They found it incredible since they could see far off things much closer. Immediately the toy industry in Europe found something amusing and hugely saleable. The miniature wonder toy was sold in thousands across the continent during fares. Everyone looked through the toy and were surprised to see their cattle grazing almost a mile away so close as if they could touch them. People would look through it and suddenly found everything on earth that surrounded them coming really close. children playing, cattle grazing, bridges, trees and what not everything was at arm’s-length. It was as if Earth simply moved closer to every man as he placed the toy over his eyes.

That’s when the toy came into the hands of an old Italian. He was shunned by the Church for his weird ideas and people thought he was crazy. The Italian immediately improved the primitive design of that toy and in a year, he had something scientifically workable. Well, what happened after that was crucial. He did not check out his cattle or his wife or his daughter playing in the courtyard. He just aimed it at the sky.

Galileo Galilei became the first human being to point that strange toy skyward and well, many still think that Galileo invented telescope. In fact, he did not. But he was the first man to observe the night sky and stars through a telescope. And yeah… that eventually changed the course of history and science forever.

He aimed for the sky... and that made all the difference!!!
He aimed for the sky… and that made all the difference!!!

All because he aimed the telescope far above the surface of Earth. When every man aimed for earth…he aimed for the sky.

It may seem trivial, but back then it was ground breaking. He broke the conventional norms and socially accepted standards to change the course of science. He paved the way for a new era.

We may have a billion things that everyone else has. But there is one spark…one source of infinite power hidden in us that belongs only to us. And just think…it has the potential to change the world.

Like the leaves of a tree in a huge forest, we are all unique. At a glance we look similar…But deep down we are unique in a zillion possible ways.

We are forced and pushed through systems that attempts to make us all look same. We can put even Einstein’s theory of relativity to shame by our mundane sense of relativity. Just kidding… but just imagine we are all programmed to think in a relatively acceptable way. The system teaches us to look for safe zones.

For many getting a distinction in SSLC is a big safe-zone. We strive, struggle and yeah..get there (most of the times).

But are we happy?



Because someone out there is flaunting a rank and we crib about not getting there. The one who gets first class cribs about not getting a distinction. The one gets a just pass slaps himself for not getting first-class. The one who fails looks at the guy who gets a just-pass and idolizes him. And some one who cannot afford going to school silently sheds a tear or two looking at all this drama.

You can super impose this scenario across various arenas of our day-to-day life. Marriage, job, education, sports, politics, business, art, literature, what and what not.

My intention here is not to blame the system. But to point out that we are struggling hard to define our existence relative to millions out there. We cannot copy and many a times…we cannot cope up.


The answer will be a in fact a big relief for you. And the only explanation for the above dilemma is that we are all unique.

Every system that exist today is made by a group of individuals to suit their needs. Sometimes immensely talented people lose their fate, life and joy trying to comply with these systems.


Simple. What suits others may not suit you!!!

I get frequent phone calls these days from friends spread across various cities. Some of my blogs have been touching some nerves and many readers have started thinking beyond their daily routines. Good.

But is it good enough?

One of my very close friends wants to be a film maker. But he is trapped in his daily routines of life and he himself contradicts his own intentions to try his hand in film making. Pheewww…that’s confusing yeah??

I grilled him for long hours and found that the root cause for his frustration is his fear of failure. So after many lengthy telephone conversations, he comforted himself saying that he is safe under the shade of an MNC that gives him a salary good enough to comply with the so-called social norms.

Strange isn’t it?

So is there a way out?

Yes. Will come to that in some time!!!

Well, let me tell you the story of something we use on a daily basis:

In 1996, two PhD students from Stanford University, California developed a new kind of search engine that worked lot faster and showed more reliable search results. They used one of their dormitories and a set of commodity hardware (thrown away hard disks and computer hardware) to run the project.

They knocked the door of every company in silicon valley to sell their search engine but all in vain. They even went to big brands like Yahoo! and AOL to sell the algorithm for a few thousand dollars and a daily job. But every company turned them down saying:

“Internet search is working fine as of now…no need for any new armature stuff…”

They were disappointed but each rejection fuelled them up and their determination to prove their point became stronger by the day. And that is how Google was born.

“If you are changing the world, you are working on important things. You are excited to get up in the morning…” -Larry Page

The key is…they did not run behind brands after a point in time and neither did they give up. Yes, initially they failed. But they recovered and created a brand unlike any other. In short, Google became “The Brand”.

Well, none of us are here to recreate what Larry Page or Sergey Brin did. They are what they are because they worked towards what they believed in.

But we need to believe that we are all here to achieve something much more than mere existence.

The old saying goes :

“Survival of the fittest…”

But nowadays every one seem to survive and survive well… so now what?

We need to do more than just survive.

From the schools we study to the colleges we graduate… from to the companies we work to the girl we marry… from the food that we eat to the car that we drive…from the smart phones that we carry to the jaddi that we wear… we need brands to endorse us.

Years back when I was in my 10th standard or so, I remember attending a marriage reception. An elderly person introduced his son to my mom and some of our relatives:

“My son has finished Mechanical Engineering from MA College and has got placement in Wipro.” Poor son was already carrying his share of truck load of pride and was now squirming under his father’s words plus all the admiration from people around. He looked at me as if I was a cockroach that jumped in to his ice cream.

My Amma like always,  pinched my hand and whispered:

“Kandu padikada…” (learn from the boy). She never misses a chance to say that…even today!!!

I idolised that guy. Wawooo… he must be a real  genius…like Albert Einstein. I even spent clueless hours thinking about what his brain must be made of. Probably that was the first time I heard the name Wipro and thought that if that guy got in to this “Wipro”.. Wipro should be really great. I had the common sense back then to understand that big brains went big places.

Now, years later sitting in the lecture hall of MA College I realise that there is nothing great about working in an MNC and studying in that very same college. They are just brands and I’m an infinitesimally small roach trying to get my bit of shade.

The charm is all gone once we are there. Dreaming of a job in Google is fine. But that job makes sense if and only if that drive with which you joined the company stays with you through out. You are a born software engineer or banker or author or singer iff the passion sustains irrespective of the company you are working for. If that is not there…even a million $ job in NASA sucks…eventually.

This SHADE in fact is a SHADOW. And this shadow is what is killing us all. We need to come out of shadows to unleash our true self.

pleasures in pain

Do not cuddle under the brands.  Do not run behind them, spending all our vital energy and accepting every shitty stuff they throw at us just to be accepted by them.

Do not teach your child that getting a BTech degree, a placement in XYZ MNC and grabbing a visa to US or  settling down in Germany is the greatest achievement they can have. Instead, tell them that:

“Keep doing what you are good at son… success will come…the world will come looking for you…”

And it will.

If you cannot change yourself and believe that your story is done, you can change one thing. And that is the future of your child. Let him/her do what they love and strive for excellence in that. By now you would have understood that society is just a piece of bull shit and the system really helps no one.

Money is again an important factor. What is more important is how much you enjoy earning that.


“What is the point in making money if you neither enjoy making it nor spending it?”

We all have something unique. If worked up on and guided properly, it can make us outgrow beyond the so-called brands and money would simply be counted as a by-product of our passion.

I will give you a more recent example.

One of my friends, Mary Antony Pallan has written a book- Vodka Sambar. She, like millions of authors out there sent her manuscript one after the other to publishers. She did face rejections, but finally decided to go ahead and publish the book herself. She started “Blue Fin”, her own publishing house. From editing the manuscript to designing the cover, she did everything on her own. And with some help from her friends and family, she is out with her first novel. Brave girl!!! Hats off.


Because she did not wait for a brand to come and endorse her talent as a writer. Today Mary is a Brand. She has carved a niche for herself.

It is not success or failure that matters….what matters is our attitude.

Remember, we do not need a Penguin or a Harper Collins to take our words to the world.

Mary has come out of those shades & shadows. She is all sunshine now.

Something as simple as a WordPress blog is all that you need to take your ideas to the world. As you are reading this blog it will be crossing the 6000 views mark from almost 70 countries. All this and more in just three months. To be blunt…a span of just 90 days.

Many say that:

“I need to do this  job for my survival.”

There is no better person than YOU... And

I believe that what defines us as human beings is what we do beyond mere survival.

Than what are the options in front of us? We need to survive and we need to invent and innovate.

Work at night??

Wawooo that seems to be a great option right?

Take time off guys. Take an year or two off. You are not gonna loose anything by not working for an year. Financials may be an issue…but hey who does not have problems?

Either you can live your dream or live somebody else’s dream. The choice is yours.

Plan your start up…pen down your next book…hum down the tune of the first song of your maiden album… pack the bag for your dream destination… take the camera that you dumped some where and go on a clicking spree… Who knows..that one idea…one song…one word…and that CLICK may be the next big thing?

It is you who can define your purpose of life…only and you can decide your destiny.

I woke up from under the tree. I had no clue how much time had elapsed between then and now. But all I know is that I gotta go friend. Destinations are all unknown…but all I know is that I need to continue this journey.

It’s time to say good-bye. I have always wanted to write and words seem to be the only thing that does not exhaust me. God has always been great and showered happiness beyond wildest of all dreams. But true happiness is when an unknown reader from some remote corner of this earth sends a message and says:

“That’s a good one man…”.

Once again…

Do not hide under the safety of shades… come out of the shadows and enjoy the bliss and beauty of sunshine. Feel restless…and never settle down.

You are not here to prove that you can merely survive. We are all beyond that.

Get out of pre conceived safe zones (SHADES)
Get out of pre conceived safe zones (SHADES)

– by Srinath Krishnamoorthy

The Author of this blog is Srinath Krishnamoorthy who like millions out there is trying to figure out what needs to be done with life. After a brief stint as a software test engineer in Tech Mahindra, he is right now pursuing an MTech in Computer Science & Engineering in MA College of Engineering, Kothamangalam. His début novel Hope We Never Meet Againis getting ready to be released this year.

Author’s click by Dr. Vivek Vaidyanathan

Dedicating this blog to two brave ladies- Vinatha and Mary Antony Pallan. 



Image Courtesy : Dr. Vivek Vaidyanathan
Image Courtesy : Dr. Vivek Vaidyanathan

Everything you have ever wanted, is sitting

“Dreams are to be lived, not chased.”



Image Courtesy: Nandan Kishore
Image Courtesy: Nandan Kishore

hike for humanity


Living in dreams is far better than dying

miracles (1)




From my upcoming novel
From my upcoming novel “Hope We Never Meet Again


Image Courtesy : Dr. Vivek Vaidyanathan
Image Courtesy : Dr. Vivek Vaidyanathan

– by Srinath Krishnamoorthy

The Author of this blog is Srinath Krishnamoorthy who like millions out there is trying to figure out what needs to be done with life. After a brief stint as a software test engineer in Tech Mahindra, he is right now pursuing an MTech in Computer Science & Engineering in MA College of Engineering, Kothamangalam. His début novel Hope We Never Meet Againis getting ready to be released this year.

Author’s click by Dr. Vivek Vaidyanathan



We humans have build castles. The latest is called democracy. But that castle too Hangs upside down... -Srinath Krishnamoorthy
We humans have built castles too many.
The biggest of all is democracy.
But that castle like all others…
Is just dangling upside down…
-Srinath Krishnamoorthy

I really did not plan to pen down a blog for this week. But no…my fingers are not in my control and they are revolting. This gut wrenching picture of a an innocent Aylan Kurdi lying lifeless over a Turkish Beach cannot go unnoticed…this cannot be ignored because HE is in a way… WE. And wait…read ahead before you give out that usual sigh of relief that anyway…it’s not my kid…and it is not ME…

Europe is crunching under refugee crisis and the accidental death of Aylan is an eye opener. He silped from his fathers hands and drowned right in front of 100 of terrified eyes. Illegal boats dump rufugees in tons each day   along along the shores of Europe. Many die enroute and never make it to their destinations.

Human life today seems to have no value 😦

Where did we fail? What is so intellectually wrong about everything political happening around us? Are we collapsing as a species(just like dinosaurs)? If yes, are we the reason and is there a solution?

From an anthropological stand point if you evaluate the ways in which humans have decided organise themselves, it is pretty clear that we are far away from creating a way of life that would sustain us as a species for a million years from now.

Take for example the ants. They have been here for over 130 million years and may survive a billion more years. Even though they seem small they form 15-25% of Earth’s terrestrial animal biomass (shocked!!!..but true). Millions of ants, live together and work in such a well-defined orderly manner (like an oiled machine) to create an environment of peaceful co-existence. That is why an ant colony is usually called a super organism. And don’t look down upon them as silly small ants…they have remarkable problem solving capabilities. Don’t be surprised to you see computer scientists running behind ants to optimise computer programs!!!

The question here is : When billions of ants can coexist peacefully why can’t we?

Are we not intelligent? Don’t we have the best of the brains an animal can have? There you go…we are animals and we keep living without realising that.

A few million ants can live in perfect harmony in a circumference of 30 centimetres… years together…generations after generations; but four people cannot live in a room without fighting even for single day. And we say we are the greatest of all species…let’s get done with that thought in the first place.

Well, if this is the image that you see every day, then we have no right to be proud. We are just a rotten bunch of fleshy mass corrupting this planet.

Aylan Kurdy dead

After seeing this image, I’m not ashamed to shout out that religion as a way of life and democracy as a way of administration has failed miserably in bringing common good to people. This image of the little Aylan Kurdy also shows that democracy as a political philosophy fails yet another time (like millions of other instances) to save innocent lives.

Now, the first question that would come to your mind is this:

“Is this writer a supporter of fucking autocratic rule?”

“Is he a communist? (Probably a Stalinist.. yeah )

“Or is this bugger a mad follower of He Who Cannot be Named (Adolf Hitler)?”

The answer to all these bizarre questions ringing in your head is a big, strong and bold NO.

Then…I should be mad?

Ohh…yeah… everyday of the year politicians go gaga over democracy…and we all clap along their wicked tunes. So the writer should obviously be mad. Yes I accept that for the time being… but first listen to me…

In the beginning of human evolution…that is when man walked naked with sticks in hand, he lived pretty much like any other animal. He was his master. He lived alone and he died alone. Simple.

But do we humans like simple stuff? No…

Eventually, we understood that living alone was no fun… so we grouped together. This had its own advantages. Better protection from wild animals, higher hit rates during hunting sessions, easier to find mates and higher chances of preserving the species. Probably our ancestors enjoyed more of sexual freedom…well making out was easier since the whole world was a one big hell of a forest!!!

But as always, like George Orwell says in his master piece Animal Farm:

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others…”

The concept of Alpha comes into picture. And then all the problem starts. Alpha is nothing but the ego. Alpha stands for the indomitable to dominate and conquer. Probably that was the single largest factor that ended the nomadic ways of human existence.

Somebody always among a group rules or overshadows others. And in the long run…we just don’t feel good if someone is not there to throw his/her share of authority over us. Most of the time they may not be half as capable as others, but we just let them do it…why? Because we are used to it. Simple 🙂

So in the great journey of evolution, Kings ,Queens and Empires came into existence. Autocracy was in fact the best known mode of administration. You paid tax to your king and he gives protection to you and your family. What’s wrong with it? Life was simple… so were the ways.

But Kings sometimes were really stupid and the hierarchical mode of administration concentrated wealth and power into very few hands.

So around 600 BC, in Rome, the so-called intellects  decided to make a small change. They decided to elect the king. Well, now the power shifted from one man to a few hundred men.  Those few hundred men started rolling over wealth and women. But yes, there was advancement in science, technology and mathematics. But whenever they went itching for action, they took their seemingly large army that would plunder and rape everything on their way.

But consistently they all made sure of one thing : Keep a large majority in deep dark ignorance and starvation. The philosophy is pretty simple- as long as the masses felt happy having bed, bread and shelter, no one would raise their voice.And to earn these three, make them work. Whenever the aristocracy realized that someone was voicing against their tide, they were silenced. Either by force or through bribes.

Just look around…even today our curriculum, media and government makes us all feel that getting a good house, a pretty spouse and a small car is the ultimate aim of life. As long as you work towards that and mind your own business…buddy everything is super fine. And when we people keep chasing our small dreams, there are others who walk over us virtually looting our very dreams.

But yeah, back then a lot of voices started surging from the masses and then all of a sudden, Religion was born. And that is the worst part of human evolution. The world would have been a far better place if people just went on with their respective way of life rather than grouping under the dark shadows of religion.

Religion was the most effective weapon used by the rich aristocrats to keep the ignorant masses in perpetual darkness. If you observe carefully, even today it is like that. Take any religion and you will find that the rich enjoy a carefree life. They never abide by the rules of their religion and lead a life of luxury. But, the religious establishments make sure that the poor and down trodden strata of the society are made to follow strict religious laws.

If inheritance of luxury is true…then the same stands true for slavery as well.

Generations are made to believe that their only activity on this earth is to eat, shit, pray and sleep.

So, as the light of democratic enlightenment started spreading across continents, a darker force of religion and superstition started flapping its dark wings against it.

This struggle went on for centuries, spanning generations. When the world was still split under autocracy and neo-natal democracy, one man set out to change it all:

Karl Marx- the economist who wrote Communist Manifesto and Das Capita. Today many people take his name synonymous with communism and communist... but seldom do they realize that he is a pure economist. Communism in his terms is nothing but distribution of wealth to bring social equality. Thus communism is nothing but pure economics. But what are they doing with his philosophies today?
Karl Marxthe economist who wrote Communist Manifesto and Das Capital. Today many people take his name synonymous with communism and communist party… but seldom do they realize that he is a pure economist. Communism in his terms is nothing but distribution of wealth to bring social equality. Thus communism is nothing but quintessential economics. But what are political parties doing with his ideologies today?

Karl Marx, a German, brought about a revolutionary idea about every man being equal and distributing wealth equally. Maybe he was the first person in the history to openly talk about class struggles and distributing wealth into the hands of working class.

But he did not take two crucial factor into consideration:

  1. Human beings are selfish
  2. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

But somehow, communism caught the imagination of millions across the globe like a wildfire. And for almost 80 years, through USSR, the ideals of Karl Marx survived. But communism eventually did fall apart.

The good thing was that communism virtually ended the autocratic Tsar rule in Russia and gave strength to the working class world over. But the darker side was the likes of Joseph Stalin. Communism, I would say is the biggest anthropological experiment ever. The downside of communism was that it could thrive only if people could be grossly ignorant or the whole world followed nothing but communism. Because as soon as people got educated and enriched, they turned their attention towards the glitz and glamour of the free markets in the West :-  CAPITALISM. Capitalism in a way was the most beautiful alternative to communism. For many, communism was just a stepping stone to reach out and hug capitalism (like some of the politicians).

If the entire human race had come under the grip of communism, we all would be living and dying as communist. Most probably I would be tortured for writing this article and there is a fair chance for you would be sent to a labour camp in Siberia for reading this. Well, that was never the intention of Karl Marx and his whole idea of communism.

Meanwhile in India, people were famished and ignorant. Dark ages of varna system was running strong. The kings and elite castes enjoyed richness of every kind and the poor lived penniless and agonizingly destitute lives.

I felt like laughing when I saw Shashi Tharoor debating strongly for reparations from British Government. Look at the below photographs and tell me who needs to pay reparations to whom?

Indian Kings and the higher castes not only looted the poor, they had no commitment to anything other than their luxury. Except for some brave kings, none of them united against invasions. Be it the Mughals or the British, Indian Kings were interested in making pacts with the invaders and settling score with the neighbouring Kings. We, even today stand as the most segregated societies on planet earth.
Indian Kings and the higher castes not only looted the poor, they had no commitment to anything other than their luxury. Except for some brave kings, none of them united against invasions. Be it the Mughals or the British, Indian Kings were interested in making pacts with the invaders and settling scores with the neighbouring Kings. We, even today stand as the most segregated societies on planet earth.

We speak a lot of India’s glorious past. Yes we had a past and it was glorious, but only for a selected few (castes). Till recent times, there were news of Sati being committed in news papers and what more, untouchability is no news at all. The upper caste men in parts of our country still rape and kill dalit girls as they fancy. And we say India is great.

It is not the British but the Kings who ruled various princely states who should be paying reparations to the poor, common man. Shashi Tharoor says British looted us…but who let them loot us? At least we got educated and due to that we have established ourselves in a global arena. I can’t imagine the plight of this country if people did not have the power of those 26 alphabets. You may say Sanskrit is this and Sanskrit is that… but why a common man does not know a single word in Sanskrit? It is because only a selected few had real access to that language. They kept the masses in dark and treated them like second class human beings.

Another big joke is the videos that go around these days telling Charaka did this…Sushrutha did that…Chanakya said this regarding management….Aryabhatta proclaimed this & that in astronomy before Galileo and Copernicus. Well hats off these gurus who did all this. But one question for which I’m unable to find and answer is:

Why the hell the common man in India did not have any access to these scientific inventions / discoveries? Why this great knowledge was not shared with the masses and was accessible only to a privileged few?

Can you point out one Indian King who has established a Vedic college and declared:

“Anybody can go and learn Vedic literature for free…and all the so-called Gurus should teach every man who comes there with the desire to learn- irrespective of his/her caste or creed…”

The first college in India was established by Church Missionary Society of England in 1817 in Kottayam (CMS College). Remember, most of our Princes and Kings usually sailed off to Oxford University to get their degrees. Why did they not start a college for the poor? Why it took a Christian missionary to come all the way from England and establish a college here in India?

Leave all that. Have these Kings laid one inch of railway track? Today we are boasting that Indian Railway is the largest in the world; employing nearly 100,000 people.

Try finding one Indian King who is capable of laying a railway track from Kasmir to Kanyakumari and from Rann of Kutch to Guwahatti? You won’t find it. British invaded India, they kept us as slaves and looted us…agreed…but that is because we never united against them as a one single country…as one single force…as one single entity.

When we finally succeeded doing that after 200 years of British Raj, they simply left the country. Just 69 years of standing independent and united and see how India is nowadays being hailed as a super power. But the sad truth is even today, you take any issue, the nation stands largely divided.

The moment Britishers came here, they understood that the socio-political situation in this country is ripe for exploitation. British are still here.. they have not left us.

The only difference is that they are replaced by the Desi-British. Just think why we accept the western notion of wonders of the world? There are temples in Thanjavur and Madhurai built by the Chola Kings far superior in architecture, technology and aesthetics than western buildings. And yeah… centuries before the westerners learned to make bricks. But still if you ask school children, they will all know about Leaning Tower of Pisa as one of the seven wonders, but will have no clue about Madhurai Meenakshi Temple, which has four Gopuras as tall as the Leaning Tower in Pisa. Madhurai Meenakshi Temple was built way before 7th Century AD. The tower in Pisa opened only in the 1372.

Who killed our history?

We ourselves have destroyed it.

I was shocked when I saw the initial scenes of the movie 7am Arivu in which the person goes asking if people knew who was Bodhidharm?

Strangely no Indian, including myself, had any clue…but surprisingly every Chinese, Singaporean and Malayan knew who Bodhidharma was. They even called him lovingly as their Damo and The Kung-Fu guy. And many even knew that he was the south Indian Chola prince who came to China and established Shaolin Temple. It is all updated in the official website of Shaolin Temple. Except for Indian’s everyone seems to know him.

This is high time we evaluate ourselves. If we have lost our great past, only we are to be blamed. Let us not put all the liabilities on someone’s head and perform an art of escapism. We are good at that anyway.

Thunder and showers are a certainty of monsoon. Only we are to be blamed if we fail to take an umbrella.

If we are still under the rule of our Kings and princely states…and if British never came here, who knows this could be our plight even today:

A family of semi-starved Indians who have arrived in Calcutta in search of food. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)
A family of semi-starved Indians who have arrived in Calcutta in search of food. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

Well, coming back to global issues of 20th century, during the early 1930’s and till the end of second world war, the world rattled and battled under these ideologies:

1. Autocracy (Kings and Queens decided what to do and people had no free will)

2. Fascism holds the ideology of anti-democracy. The state is absolute and totalitarian and all citizens must follow the state. (eg. Benito Mussolini)

3. Nazism is a racist and anti-Semitic ideology which holds that the Aryan race is superior to all other races, and that the government must actively promote the perfect race- symbol of Nazism is none other than Adolf Hitler

4. Communism : is a social, political, and economic ideology whose ultimate goal is the establishment of the communist society based on common ownership and the absence of social classes, money and the state. Sounds divine, but reality was much closer to brutality.

5. Democracy : People voted their representatives  to establish a form of government in which power ultimately comes from the people.

Everything else fell over a period of time, but Democracy survived.

The biggest confrontation between Capitalism, Democracy and Communism happened during Cuban Missile Crisis (Oct-1962). But thanks to JFK and Nikita Khrushchev who really understood the essence of the saying- with great power comes great responsibility. Try watching the ground breaking documentary “The Fog Of War” if you can. In that Robert McNamara, the then defence secretary, describes in detail the Cuban Missile Crisis. One wrong move from either USA or USSR would have turned the world into a barren nuclear wasteland. Well we have come that close to extinction…phewwww…

USSR fell. A big blow to Communism. But democracy not only survived, but kept flying higher and higher.

But today, even that is falling apart. Sad, but true.

Just look at this simple fact:

You elect a few hundred representatives to make decisions for a few billion people. Your part in this whole game is over till you cast vote. After that, for 5 years whatever our so-called representatives does sitting in the parliament is beyond your reach. Again, our netas will come begging for votes after their tenure and give all sorts of false promises… where cash needs to be thrown it will be thrown…where liqueur needs to be flooded, it will flow…where body of women needs to be used, they would pimp it out. Well they make sure they win…and make every citizen feel that they too are winning.

But are we winning?

Today politicians are far richer than businessmen since they are running politics like any other business. We people who elect them are nothing but scapegoats.

Democracy has become nothing more than citizen sponsored autocracy.

Democracy today is the process of intelligent people selecting not so intelligent people to make stupid decisions for them.

Just look at this:

Senior Bush and CIA gives weapons and training to Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda to fight the communist.

Osama gets bored fighting communists and becomes Bhasmasura. He wants to pull a few tricks up his sleeves over USA. With all the training he got from CIA, he decides to hold Uncle Sam by his balls sitting in a cave in Afghanistan. And he succeeds when Junior Bush Saab is reading Alice in Wonderland for school kids.

Bush becomes restless like the guy who feels like hitting someone when he gets frustrated and calls up his generals. He declares war on terror and sends bombers to Iraq- a country that never threatened to fire a single bullet against USA. A country that was living in relative peace and harmony was attacked for no fucking reason. And millions of innocent civilians were killed. Poor old Saddam Hussain was arrested and hanged…for reasons unknown. Both his sons were slaughtered.

All this and more when Osama Bin Laden was having cocktail with ISI officers near an army base in Abotabad, Pakistan. People of Iraq were never a part of conspiracy to attack USA. President Obama openly admitted that after Operation Neptune Spear and decided to pull out the troops. But wounds run deep.

Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi who was arrested by US as a low profile captive during 2004 and left free assuming that he was harmless formed the Islamic State of Iraq.

And now there is death everywhere. This is the perfect example of the saying: What goes around, comes around.

If any sensible Americans had any hand in the entire decision making process… I do not believe that they would have bombed Iraq.

George Bush kept saying there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq again and again and again. In fact there were none.

Democracy is a noble thought…a great ideology… but it has pitfalls. Especially when democracy becomes nothing more than a citizen sponsored autocracy.

When democracy boasts of equal opportunity for every good, it does offer an identical opportunity of things equally bad. The problem is that democracy is taking the shape of Demoncrazy… where the supreme power of decision-making in fact lies in the hands of selected few.

Still women are raped, blacks are shot at,bombs are blasted and innocents are beheaded…is democracy an effective solution? Or are we making ourselves a kind of species quite capable of building Castles in the sky but stupid enough to build them all upside down?

Democracy today is nothing more than a group of people who are bothered only about their rights and have no concern whatsoever regarding their responsibilities. (Shiv Khera, in Freedom is not free). If it was a good solution to human existence, this happy family would not have been shattered.

Is democracy as a way of administration and a way of life failing to defend innocents?
Is democracy as a way of administration and a way of life failing to defend innocents?

We need to think of an alternative…

We need to think…and think… and well some day I hope Karl Marx would rise from his grave, separate the true communist and false capitalist to his either side and proclaim a new ideology that he had worked out in his grave. Well, let that help us live like ants…billions in harmony for a billion years!!!

Ultimately this is the smile we wanna see always 🙂

We need to invent a system that sustains ever lasting peace and happiness of evrything living and non living on earth!!!
We need to invent a system that sustains ever lasting peace and happiness of everything living and non living on earth!!!

The Author of this blog is Srinath Krishnamoorthy who like millions out there is trying to figure out what needs to be done with life. After a brief stint as a software test engineer in Tech Mahindra, he is right now pursuing an MTech in Computer Science & Engineering in MA College of Engineering, Kothamangalam. His debut novel Hope We Never Meet Again is getting ready to be released this year.
The Author of this blog is Srinath Krishnamoorthy who like millions out there is trying to figure out what needs to be done with life. After a brief stint as a software test engineer in Tech Mahindra, he is right now pursuing an MTech in Computer Science & Engineering in MA College of Engineering, Kothamangalam. His début novel Hope We Never Meet Again is getting ready to be released this year.