People go to big cities to grow. But as they grow…they shrink. I still remember those beautiful days!!! When people get into a KSRTC Bus (nammude swantham aana vandi) in Kerala, smiling at fellow passengers and in no time, they strike conversations with total strangers who are sitting by their side. They keep talking as if they were friends for years. From politics to the latest movies, people talk on and on. He /she may not share our destination, but even a long trip feels seemingly short when there is someone to share our journey. How many times have we felt that tinge of sadness when we say goodbye to a momentary friend…who we would never meet again in life? How many times have we felt: “Shit!!! My stop has come…so early…If at all we could talk a while longer “? Strangers.

But, in a big city, the humanity keeps flowing in but, people keep shrinking all the same. They do not look at who or what is around them. They get into a bus or train looking at the 5.5” screen of their smartphone, find a random empty seat…plug in their headphone and then cut all the connections with the world around them. Even a short journey feels so long…so lonely. We never look at who is sitting by our side. Sometimes the paradox of “If you want to be alone…go to a city” makes sense in some strange way. At a time when human beings are making every possible barrier nothing but mere history; a time when Global Village is no more a mere myth…most of us have limited our lives to 5″ inch screens of our smartphones. We never smile. We never talk. We never explore. Even people working in the same office, who see each other for years, seldom smile at each other even in a lift. Even neighbours do not smile when they see each other because they don’t know that they are neighbours. Next time, give a smile. Strangers.

final smiles

Do we realize that smiling does not cost anything? If holding your smile is as expensive as smiling itself…then why not make it free?? Million dollar smile is indeed worth a ‘million dollars’ when your smile can bring happiness in the lives of others. But the ego in people sometimes injects a false notion that they would actually lose a ‘million dollars’ if they smile. Strangers.

The Author of this blog is Srinath Krishnamoorthy who, like millions out there is trying to figure out what needs to be done with life. After a brief stint as a software test engineer in Tech Mahindra, he is right now pursuing an MTech in Computer Science & Engineering in MA College of Engineering, Kothamangalam. His début novel Hope We Never Meet Again is getting ready to be released this year.

Author’s click by Dr. Vivek Vaidyanathan


16 thoughts on “REMEMBERING SMILES

  1. I did wonder who clicked that beautiful picture of yours 🙂

    Give my sincere thanks to Vivek 🙂

    This is a wonderful post and I can totally relate to it.

    It is not just the case with travel, but also with living, accommodation and houses.

    Years pass by but neighbors in the same flat or in adjacent houses know almost nothing about each other.

    Whereas in villages almost everyone sits under a big tree every morning and evening and know each other and care a lot!

    Smiles must be free.

    More we give more we get.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful article. I will share it on the social media.

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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    1. Dear Anand… thank you so much!!! Sorry for the late response… Will convey your regards to Vivek!!! The city with millions is actually capable of making you feel alone. how strange na?? How can I thank you for all this support I do not know…easpecially at this cruicial point when my book is coming out Anand… your support means a lot to me!!! Thank you 🙂

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      1. Yes, I agree Srinath. I know your book will do great. I wish you all the very best. Do share your book release with all of us in the forum.

        Thanks for your kind words.

        Love and light ❤

        Anand 🙂

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      2. Anand… god bless you brother!!! Without informing you…no way.. will definitely inform all.. these days I’m finding hard to manage things in 24 hours…erratic sleeping habits and totally stretched out routines are keeping me on my toe…so not finding time to read any blogs…once everything is out..i will be getting really active.. i miss our alumni.. I miss blogging 😦

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  2. Boss.. 🙂
    How accurately you presented the life around!! It’s TRUE!!
    To say, I am also a part of this!! The city life!! Don’t predict that I won’t smile.. But I am sometimes of that gene who want to travel alone plugging my headsets and look out through the windows.. Someone who are not ready to open her lips to people sitting near by.. Is that the effect of city?? May be yes!! This city life sprinkled some strange lone feel to me.. 🙂
    But when I get back home, I m like a blabbering kid who talks to every inch of existence of life there.. Even to the grass and grasshopper..
    Two different phases!! Same ME.. 🙂
    Beautiful post dear.. Made me realize what I am missing in my life.. 🙂
    Love You Sri.. 🙂

    You are awesome..

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    1. Nimzz… dear.. no way.. you are an absolutely rocking person!!! Who said you don talkl?? That person should be deaf… you are the life and blood of our Authors group… There is nothing wrong or right… both are beautiful ways of life.. as long as we enjoy life.. we are doing pretty good da !!!

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  3. “But as they grow…they shrink.”…your post reminds me of the small kids I meet in bus while traveling who keeps smiling no matter what.Its really refreshing to watch them entertain themselves with the smallest of things while we the grown ups restrict ourselves within our smart phone.(how so ‘un’ smart) Sigh! perks of living in the digital world.
    Keep Smiling 🙂

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    1. There is something wrong if you are not serious these days… That’s the general perception 😦 what to do?? Great point you have put forward rekha.. Only innocent kids are enjoying the world around them… But as they grow up seeing people around them…maybe even they will change their behaviour and forget what it means to smile…and what it means to LIVE…

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