Inverted sense of perceptions

lives of others“We call them prostitutes and pimps, ever wondered what they would be calling us in return?”

For the past few days, social media has been abuzz with the news of sex racket being busted and organizers of ‘Kiss of Love’ being associated with it. Some are cherishing the moment and some are regretting the same. Well, between this accidental triumph and senseless regrets, we forget that there are lives of others. Lives just like ours.

Prostitution as such is tagged as the oldest profession in the world. Just as hotels exists to kill the fundamental problem of stomach; brothels exist to serve a similar purpose. Let’s not delve into the legality and morality of sex  trade and brothels. Also, I would not like to ignite a debate on the persecution of people involved in online sex trade. But I would definitely urge you to think about the lives we mock around.

I hope many would have received the obscene images of the husband and wife involved in the sex racket in whatsapp. Is there genuine happiness in their faces? Can you see glitter in those eyes? They look completely beaten, at least to my blind eyes. Did you not notice the agony behind their every smile? How can you not!! We all can see, but some inverted sense of perception denies our mind from previlege of accepting realities.

We tag people as beggers, prostitutes, thieves, pimps,anti-socials, naxalites ect. without even giving a second thought as to why they have become what they are.

Just imagine being a woman forced to sell her flesh with her husband waiting outside? Or can we even conceive standing in the shoes of a man enacting the role of a pimp to his own wife? Or can we fathom the reasons behind why they end up doing this profession?

The answer is a big ‘NO’. And we judge the lives of others.

And our society is foolishly… fiercely prejudiced.

A stray dog bites a kid. For us the dog is the problem. And we demand massive culling of street dogs. Street dogs basically bite humans when they get a taste of human blood and tissues. From where do they get that in first place? Medical wastes from hospitals. We never even dare to glance at those thousands of hospitals that dump medical waste on our streets. But we want dogs to be killed for our idiotic actions. We tag the easiest target as our problem and kill it, whereas we completely turn a blind eye towards the real issues…the giants behind every misery. And then we call ourselves ‘intelligent’ species.

Man is the most screwed up species if you ask me. And we have an inverted sense of perception…an inverted sense of achievement.

Before we tag someone as wench just think why they ended up being that. Don’t you agree that there are bigger criminals walking among us, scot free? Don’t you feel that there are bigger issues that deserve our sarcasm? Don’t you feel that there are clowns sitting in the very echelons of power who warrant our mockery?

It is always the circumstances that define every individual. Some stand tall and beat the odds, but not everyone is strong. Some are weak. We are humans…we succumb…we fall.

Srinath Krishnamoorthy (1)

Srinath Krishnamoorthy was born in Palakkad, Kerala. He holds a B. Tech degree from Government Engineering College, Palakkad and an M. Tech from MA College of Engineering, Kothamangalam. He is an avid reader, blogger and a traveler. Hope We Never Meet Again is his latest novel and marks his transformation from a software engineer to a story engineer.


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