Book Review – Hope we never meet again

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Book: Hope we never meet again Author: Srinath Krishnamoorthy Genre: Psycho-analytic thriller ?  Srinath Krishnamoorthy is a close writer friend and an avid blogger here in WordPress. He writes mostly on current affairs and the stuff which keep the reader thinking and forces them to think differently. Hope…

Hope We Never Meet Again

Chapter 1 Who Am I? I went to answer the call of nature. And that was when I saw it. While relieving my bladder of its contents, I casually gazed around that dirty railway toilet. I frowned at the pungent smell that seemed to choke me and wondered why railway toilets were not a part […]


    Whenever India extends a hand of friendship, Pakistan (ISI and their army) retaliates with violence. It’s like getting a violent handshake… so violent that each time we offer our hand, somehow our shoulders get dislocated. History stands proof to the fact that Pakistan does not deserve friendship. Do they deserve it? A country […]