A tribute to the Indian Army and we can learn from the west.


Whenever India extends a hand of friendship, Pakistan (ISI and their army) retaliates with violence. It’s like getting a violent handshake… so violent that each time we offer our hand, somehow our shoulders get dislocated. History stands proof to the fact that Pakistan does not deserve friendship. Do they deserve it? A country that lacks ideology of any kind? They have backstabbed even the US, one of their biggest allies, so no surprises here. Pakistan. Phew…we can never straighten the tail of a dog…can we? Even after loosing two wars and innumerable battles within and outside the barbed wires on all fronts, if they can’t learn; probably thay will never learn.

Our brave soldiers have given their lives fighting for us. More than our safety, they have sacrificed their lives to safeguard the honour of this country. Not a single airplane in Pathankot airbase is damaged I believe. That’s Indian army for you gentlemen . Even during the attack on parliament… during the Mumbai attacks…during natural calamities…and every second of day and night…a few good men have risked their lives for us… so that we could celebrate, dance, sing, party hard and sleep peacefully. None of us here can even fathom the trauma of facing death at gun point in a military operation, but they have held their nerves challenging death itself. Salutes to those brave heroes of our motherland. You have asserted once again with your lives that bravery is another name for patriotism. Today a nation weeps on your martyrdom, but you are still alive because heroes never die.

India should take Israel and Russia as examples. We cross the border and crush the terrorist camps in the enemy territory. Instead of merely condemning the terrorist attacks each time, the political leadership of India should take action. We need to prove that our Agni missiles and Arjuna Tanks are are not meant only for Republic day parade. Put them into action. We have no right to boast that we are a military superpower if terrorist pigs can walk into our country just like that and challenge our sovereignty. Have you ever wondered why terrorists never threaten Israel and Russia? Have you ever heard of Israeli or Russian citizen/journalist getting kidnapped or beheaded? No.  Because the moment they do that, they are bound to face serious retaliation. You can read stories after stories over the internet on how these two countries deal with terrorists. I will not delve into that.

Having said all this, I would also like to say that Asian giants have a lot to learn from the west. Even though Britain and France hold historical rivlary (the 100 years war) , they have co-operated during WW1 & WW2. Take for example the European Union. Having fought two gigantic wars that engulfed the entire planet, which cost millions of lives, properties and billions of dollars, they were able to leave behind their indifferences and move ahead with mutual co-operation (They united under a single currency. Euro is the biggest proof for their co-operation). Even though there are differences on ground, there is an elevated sense of mutual understanding.

Take for example Germany. A country that was beaten to it’s knees…not once but twice. Till the fall of Berlin wall, it was a nation that stood grossly divided and was struggling to find a direction or identity under the vested interests of US and Soviets. A population ripped apart by capitalism and communism alike. Just look at the way they have bounced back over a span of few decades! Germany is the country that financialy supported Greece during the recent economic crisis. Even after paying all the reparations and bowing down to nothing in front of the world at one point in time, they are an economic superpower today. How did that happen? They left behind a history of revenge, hatered and enemity. And what more…they agreed to co-operate. Germany could have churned out terrorists, thousand times more lethal than the most wanted terrorists of today. Did they retort to that for avenging their defeats? No. Then what is revenge?


Look at Japan. Did they send terrorist on to USA for avenging the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? NO. Those well versed in history will agree with me that the Pakistani zest for blood and revenge is nothing before the indomitable spirit of Japs. But the Japanese never sent terrorists to beat the USA… instead they offered a hand of friendship. They made their worst enemy their best friend. USA became the biggest supporter of Japan. But, Japan did extract its revenge. HOW?

Every citizen worked so hard that, over a period of time, the Japanese economy got ranked as one of the top most in the world. Japan beat the USA by proving that it had a far superior economy and was a mightier technology giant than the latter. The automobile, infrastructure and electronics industry of Japan churned out international brands that conquered the world market. They simply stole the show away from the US from right under their nose. The Japanese developed ‘The Six Sigma’ and implemented the concept of JIT, sky rocketing their productivity. And what more, US economy is heavily dependant on Japan. Today USA backs Japan over territorial desputes with China in Indo-China (south China sea). That’s the way you win a war. That’s real winning.

But Pakistani sense of victory is still limited to sending suicide bombers and terrorists. Well, small brains cant think big…that is a pitiable truth though.

Now, India is too big and too great a country to be beaten by bombs tied around religious phanatics.

If Asia has to become really powerful or even influential ( not just a mere 3rd World outsourcing hub or an iPhone assembly shed) , countries like India, China , Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka should forget their long term indifferences and join hands for a better future. With Russia on top, we will be a force to reckon with. Then the world will listen. Then you are talking about winning. That is when we will become heroes. Real heroes. And heroes never die.

But still we are fighting among each other over silly issues. Please look the European Union and the Japs. They have a lot to teach us and that too..for free.
Srinath Krishnamoorthy


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