Everything in this universe is created with an inherent property to destroy itself. With Earth, it is mankind and with mankind, it is religion…”– Srinath Krishnamoorthy

“Religion is injurious to mankind. Your faith can cause cancer to humanity”.

This is the warning that should hang in front of everything that symbolises religion.

Many had asked me:

“Why are you silent on Rohith Vemula’s issue? You should react…”

Before I react, lemme tell you a story.

One of my friends is working in a reputed MNC (Bank) in Chennai. He is the manager responsible for its backend operations. As a manager, one gets a new recruit every now and then. So my friend also got a chap who had completed his training. So, he assigns this new guy some simple tasks, but the boy ends up making a grave mistake for a trivial task. My friend advised him in a not-so-polite tone. Immediately after the recruit goes out of his cubicle, the person sitting next to my friend says:

“Sir, he is an Aiyar Paiyan… ”

“So what?” My friend replied, clueless as to what the other guy was implying.

This is the Indian society for you. You should be extra polite to someone if he/she belongs to upper-caste, even in a system that is vocal about being equal. Even in an MNC, one needs to look at the caste before uttering a word. I felt the story strange back then, but it all looks so relevant today.

Yes. So here is my reaction. I personally do not believe in any sort of reaction that does not shake the root cause of an issue. The response to any social evil should not be aimed at settling political-vendetta. Even a short term solution is no solution at all. Instead, it should address the root cause and create a forum of solutions to annihilate the problem. We should kill the weed at its root.

Can anybody tell me why, in a secular state like India, every application that an average citizen fills up, has got mandatory spaces reserved for ‘Religion’, ‘Caste’ and ‘Sub-caste’? So, our country is secular, but the gods we worship are not? Is it not an absurdity that a society that worships non-secular gods calls itself secular? Hypocrites.

India is the only country where people run strikes for being considered as backwards. And after years of struggle for this noble cause, they demand equality in the society. How can you strive to be stamped as backward and demand equality all at once? Something somewhere is wrong.

The fundamental question of inequality is the fundamental questions of faith and religion. It is more about acceptance and recognition than about opportunity and money.The fundamental question of racism and casteism is the fundamental question to God, who men believe, created this Universe. Is there a god? Or are we worshiping the wrong God.

Considering human evolution over millions of years, religion, caste, class and faith are fairly new concepts. As tribes or as nomads, there were fairly simple rules. Survival of the fittest. You mate, fight and die. Those were the times when men worshiped the nature, which was all too powerful for him to comprehend and control. So, nature and natural phenomenon were the GODS. But, slowly man started conquering nature and he suddenly realised that he could overpower / resist the power of nature. The most critical point in human evolution is when man craved to give a human face to god since nature was all too meek for him. Nature and its forces could be tamed somehow and the only thing that eluded control was the human spirit. God took the shape of MAN. It was an inevitable change.

Some decided to put forward the concept that they are the interface between god and mortals. They are the true interpreters of the voice of god. Then there was evil.

Once that happened, there was evil.

Everything that we follow in the name of faith and religion today is a well-marketed concept that enables a set of people to enjoy a life of luxury, security, richness and most importantly, the power to control what people should believe, eat, wear, drink and do. They enjoy a life of immense richness that can never be taxed or accounted for. Anything said or done against them is tagged as collective attack on faith. And any faith that says god exists, is nothing but a stupidity. It’s like peeling an onion…you get tears running down your cheeks and still end up with nothing in the end.

Have you ever seen the interpreters of god travel in ordinary buses with ordinary people? They fly in business-class and run on luxury sedans. Exceptions are there, but most of them live on the currency that reeks of the sweat and blood of the common man. Some interpreters of god see touching the poor devotee itself as unclean and ungodly. But he can touch the money without even a second thought. They preach chastity, divinity and purity of body, mind and soul. In the background, rape young boys and girls alike. And, without knowing anything we believe that they are the true interface of God…which I still believe is nothing but a gas that is non-existent. Everyone agrees it is there, but nobody has ever seen it. Those who claim they have seen it are impotent to show it.

If god is truly existent, powerful and a know-all, why the hell he needs interpreters? He can directly come and interact with every individual?

So, what is religion and what is God?

It is fear. Fear of going to hell. Fear of purgatory. Fear of being damned and castrated.

Religion is a multi-billion conglomerate built upon the exploited fear of the middle class, the poor, the downtrodden and the marginalised. The interpreters of god will say, pray and pay…else you will go to hell. Say my name a million times or you will re-incarnate as dog or lizard. We pay…we pray..with our strength and money.

Have you ever seen rich people in any religion following the rules strictly? They never follow the rules laid down by their religion. They educate their kids and lead a life of luxury and independence. Their children are free and so are their women. They dress the way they like, they eat and drink to their choice and fill.  But, at the same time, the middle class and the poor belonging to the same religion are strictly made to follow the rules laid down by the gods. Rich class marrying inter-caste or even inter-religion is cool, whereas the same is shunned in middle and lower middle-class families. Two separate rules of god based on the class you belong. Shame.

It is unholy to touch a Dalit, but eating the food smeared in his sweat and blood is acceptable.

You take any riot or war in the name of religion. The devils who kill and the victims who die will mostly belong to the lowest stratum of the society. Rich men and woman would always hide in a safe haven.

Ban religion. Close down all that is built on this earth in the name of this business concept called god. Confiscate their wealth and distribute it to the poor. Remove the space for ‘Religion’, ‘Caste’ and ‘Sub-castes’ from application forms, nationality will do.

When I said this, some shouted I’m a communist. They lashed out at me saying Stalin purged more people than Hitler. Who are you to judge god…you fucking atheist pig without brains. God is GOD. Don’t you dare challenge him…

To them my reply is- ” Every revolution is a war against establishments untill every establishment falls…and then the revolution itself becomes an establishment…that’s the way it ends…that’s the way it falls. Every revolution ends because a new war ensues to topple it as well…”

When ideologies are blindly imposed on people, they start to believe that only their fate and status is correct. They interfere in what other man believes or wants to believe. Religion is the single most important factor that stands between men from seeing each other as fellow human beings. Ban religion. There is nothing called a ‘GOD’. If any youngster is reading this blog, please trust in your abilities and intuitions than waste your time believing in god. The society and people are mad. They will explain everything that fefies logic or lacks explanation with the concept of GOD (which in itself is one big superstition). Explore, defy and redefine things. Shape the future of science.

Break the dark fortresses of Religion, caste, creed, clan and class for a new dawn of true freedom.

Love nature. Love science. Make that your one and only religion.

Had I been in some other country, I would be shot dead for my athestic, ungodly remarks. But hey, I’m in India, and proud that I’m an Indian. I have the freedom of speech and expression. Lucky me 🙂

But, having complete faith in the human race, I can assure one thing:

When ‘non-religion’ becomes the new Religion,

When ‘racelessness’ becomes the new Race,

When ‘Castlessness becomes the new Caste,

Man will find an evil replacement for all the above.


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23 thoughts on “THE STINKING FACE OF GOD

  1. If there is God, He is within us in constant conflict with the Devil- also within us. I, too do not believe on god who stays on temple.

    Strikes in the name of caste inclusion has started creating trouble in my country, Nepal as well. But there are some people who want the debate to continue.

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  2. I won’t believe in relegion or caste I believes in the strength which holds the whole world which is so far away from our science and away from our imagination. I call that strength as God he is only for good…

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    1. I appreciate your view but I would like to differ. Is there a God?? and is there any scientific basis for that? When our intelligence tells that there is nothing called god, billions of dollars and worse..millions of lives are being tortured in the name of faith and god. High time we ban Religion and most of the evil would stop. There exist no religion on the face of earth that has not caused blood shed in the name of god.


  3. God`s face is hidden….”Then My anger will be kindled against them in that day, and I will forsake them and hide My face from them, and they will be consumed, and many evils and troubles will come upon them; so that they will say in that day, ‘Is it not because our God is not among us that these evils have come upon us?’ “But I will surely hide My face in that day because of all the evil which they will do, for they will turn to other gods.Deuteronomy 31:17-18..(…in reference to Jewish Holocaust…)

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  4. Well written.. 👍🏻
    I sometimes, feel that the government also plays a pivotal role in dividing Indians into such castes… Have you heard of the quota system? It is really depressing that in our country, your birth caste is given more importance than your talent!! It’s really a shame!

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