Relationships In A Shrinking World

We live in an ever-shrinking world with ever-expanding, ever-distancing relationships.- Srinath Krishnamoorthy


The photograph you see above was taken by me just before my flight landed in Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi. Our cities look like concrete tubs and feels like gas chambers. frown emoticon What is the impact of the so-called development pattern over our lives and our relationships?
We live in an ever-shrinking world with ever-expanding, ever-distancing relationships. Technology has helped us break the barrier of distance and time between individuals. But, even with all this, the bonding between people are becoming weaker by the day. When a major chunk of job opportunities are concentrated over mere 14 or 15 big cities in India, we leave behind a treasure trove that will vanish with time and will never come back.
I will tell you a small story. I went to a hospital in my hometown, with my mother who has a small issue with vertigo. I saw a very old man, almost 80, stumbling into the hospital entrance with a urine bag and walking stick. He looked completely zombie, with his T-shirt worn wrong way and his dhoti (mund) was almost falling off. Myself along with a nurse rushed to support him. We asked him where his wife or children were? He said “There is no one. All are away…all of them are outside”. After making him seated, he desperately rested his head on his walking stick, as if he was done with living alone. I saw at least 5 to 6 similar cases 2 hours I spent in the hospital. I felt pity and at the same time, hung my head in shame. If those children had a good opportunity to flourish in our own small town, the situation of the old folks would have been quite different. Saying thus, let us not hesitate to accept the fact that the old folks are to be held partially or fully responsible for their plight. They only flushed out their own children as per social norms to various bigger cities to lead the so-called ‘normal life’.
The big question here is – Are we even thinking of comprehensive development? The government says they will create millions of job opportunities. But, what we need to ask is ‘WHERE?’. In my own town/village or in one of those 15 big cities that is almost on the verge of bursting its belly. Every concrete house across this country shelters old couple who have no one in terms of company except for their shadows. Absolutely nobody to take care of them. Is this what we have in store for our parents? Is this the idealistic model that we are gonna teach our children on how to take care of the older generation? Is this wealth we have saved for an unpredictable, meaningless, inevitable future?

Today we have become a generation that has no clue about the fundamental idea of existence. Leaving the soil we were born, leaving the womb that gave us birth, leaving the nature far behind, forgetting the legends and stories that we grew up hearing, we are in search of wealthy answers to poor questions that hardly makes sense in this universe. ‪#‎Money‬‪ #‎Comfort‬

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