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I’m no one to speak on patriotism… but all I want to say is that- shouting “Bharat ki Barbadi” and supporting terrorists, is like shitting on your own face. Now, that is a physically impossible task, but some idiots have made it look like a piece of cake. And, by beating them in the middle of the road and inside the Patiala Court, intolerant fools have proved beyond doubt that, they not only have shit in their hands, but in their heads as well. Since our country is going through lots of shit right now, spare a few minutes to sit back and think. (Burp)

Today, if someone shouts ‪#‎Jai_Hind‬ or ‪#‎Bharath_Matha_ki_Jai‬ or‪#‎Vande_Mataram‬, he is immediately tagged as a ‪#‎Sanghi‬ or ‪#‎RSS‬ or‪#‎Modi_Bhakt‬ and if one refuses to raise these slogans, he earns the title of an ‪#‎Anti_National‬ or ‪#‎Terrorist‬ or worse, a ‪#‎Pakistani‬. Guys, have we lost our balance??

‪#‎Intolerance‬… my friend, is not a one-way affair, it is mutual. And the best solution to intolerance is, not to be a part of it.

You cannot stand him, he cannot stand you and you both bang your heads.

Afzal Guru, Yakub Memon or any terrorist for any reason, are enemies of humanity. I’m not saying that they are the enemies of a particular country, but enemies of humanity. Wonder how many people who are raising slogans in support of these terrorists have lost their dear ones in a terrorist attack? Or how many of them have the sense to fear about losing their lives or one of their loved ones at the hands of a terrorist. Had they lost their father, brother or friend, they would definitely think twice before supporting this insanity. If you are a widow or son or daughter of one of the soldiers who lost his life in the parliament attacks, you may have an all new take on the issues at hand.

Being the son of a soldier, I know that it takes just one stray bullet to shatter families and ruin lives. I mean, we are talking about terrorists who are waging a war on this nation and soldiers who are trying to protect us.

When one of our brave soldiers is fighting for his life in a hospital, what is the logic behind staging a commemoration of martyrdom of a terrorist? Are our student bodies this insensitive? Yaaak 😦

Is Afzal Guru a man who worked for women empowerment like Raja Ram Mohan Roy? Is he an environmentalist like Medha Patkar? Is he an educational reformist? Did he work for the betterment of the poor and the oppressed like Ambedkar, that we celebrate his martyrdom?

Even when we say that meeting violence with violence is bad, we cannot let terrorists come in and challenge our country. We cannot educate a religious extremist who is clinically brainwashed and who is here with an intention to destroy our country. A hole in his head or a rope around his neck is the best possible solution he himself has to offer. He is here to kill and die. If he does not die, he keeps killing till he dies.

If you cannot stand in the shoes of an Indian Army soldier, think from a terrorist’s perspective. Why is he here? He carries a machine gun and sets out rampaging whatever comes in his way. He shoots and throws hand-grenade at anything and everything that comes in his way. Terrorists do not verify whether you are a ‪#‎communist‬, ‪#‎congress‬, ‪#‎BJP‬or #RSS or you are a ‪#‎JNU‬ or BHU or ‪#‎IIT‬ student. He simply shoots. He is sent in with just one intention and that is maximum destruction, maximum damage and maximum loss of life. The problem here is that we are aware of a few like ‪#‎Ajmal_Kasab‬ who execute these heinous designs at the ground level. Actually, they are the scapegoats in this entire plot. The real villains are the people who mastermind these terror attacks and brainwash innocent people in the name of Jihad to execute their dangerous intentions. The problem we are facing is that our intelligence agencies and our diplomacy are not strong enough to shut down these terror factories working outside India. We kill the pests walking in but their cocoon is still safe at large. If India needs a permanent solution from terrorism, it has to cross the border and kill the masterminds hiding safely in Pakistan or elsewhere.  I’m not saying they are the only bad people we have around here. Every ideology, be it political or religious, has its share of bloodshed. I will not go into the historical aspects of these things.

Hope we can think and work better as a nation.

Well, Jai Hind on that note!!!

Srinath Krishnamoorthy (1)
Srinath Krishnamoorthy


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