Beginings and endings

It does not surprise me when someone says- “Every individual is born with a potential to change the destiny of this world forever.” But, the realisation that most of us go from here… without realising this fact, comes in as a shock.

How sadly surprising 😦

I agree that man comes with nothing and goes empty handed. But, we all can leave behind something. We all can leave a legacy !!!

We keep complaining about our circumstances.The middle-class family we are born in, the country to which we belong and socio-economic conditions we are exposed on a day to day basis. We keep bitching about our political leadership and even blame the god for not providing us or satisfying our expectations in life.

As a society, we are more concerned about our rights than our duties… towards our nation, environment and most important of all… ourselves.

Beginnings matter but endings matter more. The biggest challenge most of us face today is “What will others think?”. Most of our dreams are buried alive inside those 4 words… “What will others think?”

And another coffin we nail out on ourselves is- “What if I fail?”. Which stops us from taking even the smallest possible risk that could be owned with the minimum of resources we have. I would like to call this risk as “exploring opportunities”.

Well, we never try. Fear 😦

Remember, winning is not an accident, it is an attitude.

Most of the highly successful people we see around us have faced failures time and again. For many, their birth itself is frowned upon as a symbol of penury and slavery.They were not brilliant geniuses but they were persistent. And sometimes, persistence pays more than sheer talent.

Success is not about winning all the time. It is about getting up and fighting back every time you fail… every time you fall.

We set mediocre targets in our lives and compare our on destiny with someone else’s and find solace in meeting those targets. Remember, you might have won the battle but not the war. Vision is an important thing in life.

Life is a journey. It takes us through the strangest of the strangest roads. And it ends at some point in time. But, it is a journey where it does not matter where you started. What matters is where you end up being.

Dreams are always eager to become realities. How sad we hardly give them a chance 😦

Srinath Krishnamoorthy


Published by Srinath TK

Hello World!!! I am Srinath Krishnamoorthy, a techie turned aspiring author from Palakkad. My first English novel- Hope We Never Meet Again is due this year end. Reading is my life air and travelling my passion. I share a great bond with nature and it's nuances drive me to tell stories that touch the earth and sky.

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