Forward by Suhail Mathur

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The first thing that comes to my mind after reading Srinath Krishnamoorthy’s spellbinding novel is that the savage in man is never quite eradicated. I’m a person who loves travelling and many a time has come across random phone numbers scribbled on nameless walls. But I never gave it a second though and never expected in my life to read a mesmerising thriller that spins out a plot from a mobile number scribbled on the walls of a railway toilet.

Hope We Never Meet Again is a novel that explores the journey of a man and his evolution from existence to death. The book is a deep dive into our own minds and our own sense of truth and fallacy. After reading the novel, I am sure most of the readers would contemplate a lot on the fundamental questions of existence. About death and its aftermath. About crime and the ultimate punishment at the hand’s destiny.

Are all deaths natural? Or are they murders in disguise? Will the murderer ever get punished in this shallow world?   Srinath Krishnamoorthy was successful in creating a plot that keeps the reader hooked, and he does answer it all. The novel is unique in its narrative and the craft. Yes, it’s a new way of storytelling.

When I read the first chapter, I was hooked and did not put it down till I had finished the last page.  Srinath immediately caught my attention by breaking the silence and taboos of sexuality and relationships by the way he described the thoughts of desire that naturally run through everyone’s mind.  He has carried that “Indian spiciness” throughout the book especially in the last three chapters… Wow!   He gives the auto-rickshaw a whole new meaning!  No wonder this book is flying off shelves and into the hands of readers who turn the pages like the wind!  Sexuality is a normal part of life but some refuse to acknowledge that.  Pretending it doesn’t exist is unrealistic and unfortunate. Bravo for speaking up about it all, I was hooked and obviously, I wasn’t the only one!

What I feel is unique about the novel is the fact that the author has masterfully blended the idea of dreams, realities, myths and the bitter hard truths of life into an intricate, yet beautiful novel.

I was literally stunned by the way the author had bound different story lines happening within flashbacks and suspenseful twists and turns at the end of each chapter. It’s all tied up with one astounding string called “words”. There are several lessons in life integrated within the book as well like how it’s important to say what you need to say to someone before it’s too late.  And sometimes by taking the wrong path in life is okay because it leads you to the right one eventually.  Most of all, one small shift or decision such as scribbling a phone number down from a dirty railway toilet wall can change the very course of life because ultimately it’s our actions and decisions that shape us.

I would like to give two big thumbs up for Srinath Krishnamoorthy and “Hope We Never meet Again”. It is one of the best novels I have read in ages.

Suhail Mathur