The Lesson


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A big lesson for youngsters who are thinking that revolution is just around the corner:

1. Study well and get a good job.

2. Family first. Because those who are giving heart thumping speeches, writing lengthy blogs and making revolutionary movies have cleverly insulated themselves and their families from the very thing they stand for. Look around. They are getting hefty salaries and pensions. Their children are millionaires riding fancy cars and bikes. Most of them are studying abroad and are enjoying a luxurious life. Don’t waste your time on political parties, politicians or political ideologies. They are never gonna make your life better. In fact, they have never made anybody’s life better. They are used to using you. When was the last time a student body; affiliated to any political party in India; stage a protest against unemployment and lack of infrastructure in educational institutions?(Hard nut to crack… )

There is absolutely no point in wasting your time idolising politicians or movie stars or anything or anybody for any reason.

They have their lives and most of them don’t care beyond that. Plain and simple.

3. Never let any ideology or politician or religious entity brainwash you for any fu***’in reason under the sky ‘coz that baggage will be nothing but a burden in the latter stages of your life. You gotta live with it forever or flush it down the closet at some point in time.

4. The loss is yours and yours alone.

5. The people you are willing to die for will drag your parents on the streets once you are gone. That’s just how important each one of you(us) are for them and maybe for the society as a whole.

6. Movies will come, rake profits and fade out into the oblivion. Do not let the things that you watch in theatres get into your brain. Try to critically evaluate things.

7. At the end of the day, your life is your responsibility… ‘coz no one gives a shit.

8. And last but not the least, people who revolt on #Facebook and #twitter will remain there forever. They will never swarm the streets and stand for you. Open your eyes and get a life before it is too late.

– Srinath Krishnamoorthy



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