A Church Under Construction For More Than A Century – La Sagrada Familia Church – Barcelona – Spain

A Church Under Construction For More Than A Century – La Sagrada Familia Church  – Barcelona – Spain Spain’s La Sagrada Famila church is under under construction for the past 137 Years. An average of 20 years is what it takes for a pyramid to be built. But then,Spain’s La Sagrada Famila church has spent […]

Shoelace – Google’s New Social Networking App -2019

Shoelace – Google’s New Social Networking App Google was never really successful in the social media spectrum. After shutting down both Orkut and Google+ , they are betting their money on a new social networking app called #Shoelace . The aim is to help people supercharge their social life. Now wait. Before you jump into […]

Iris Plant Classification: Back-Propagation Algorithm

% =================== % Filename: Iris_bp.m % =================== echo off disp(‘ =====================================================’) disp(‘ Iris plant classification: back-propagation algorithm’) disp(‘ =====================================================’) disp(‘ ============================================================================’) disp(‘ Reference: Negnevitsky, M., “Artificial Intelligence: A Guide to Intelligent’) disp(‘ Systems”, 3rd edn. Addison Wesley, Harlow, England, 2011. ‘) disp(‘ pp. 332 Classification neural network with competitive learning’) disp(‘ Source : Github- S […]

Multilayer Neural Network – Implementing Back-Propagation Algorithm-sciLab Program

//Multi Layer neural Network BP Algogithm //Author : Srinath Krishnamoorthy //Date : 10-08-2017 //(c)Copyright Srinath Krishnamoorthy-2017 clear clear all clc //Initialise the input values at Layer 1 x=[0 0 0 1 1 0 1 1]; yd=[0;1;1;0];//Desired Output at Y ya=rand(4,1);//Actual Output //Initialise the weights from i/p to hidden layer w_ih=rand(2,2); w_initial=w_ih; //Initialise the weights from […]